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So far Catherine And The Owl have had two official releases: their debut, EP 'I', released in 2008 and the 2010 follow up, 'By your hand, I am spared'.

They are currently in the process of preparing to record their first album, but a whole host of B-sides and rarities can also be found by visiting their soundcloud page.


EP 'I':



Recorded in the shadows of Dartmoor in the bleak winter of 2008 - Catherine and the owl's first EP was haunting and atmospheric. Exploring the strange fusion of genres that had brought the band together.

The EP can be downloaded digitally from BandCamp.




Possibly one of the most powerful, haunting tracks I’ve heard in a long time” - James Santer of Exeter FM on the track 'The Cellar Song.'

"These songs are not just extraordinary, they possess strong melodies and memorable guitar lines to win over even the most hardened indie purist." - Dave Urwin of Live Music Scene, review of EP 'I.'

Track Listing


1. Martha's Grave

2. a.t&tea

3. The Cellar song

4. Serenade Invaded




 All songs by Catherine and the owl.

Recorded and engineered by Neil George at Coombeshead studios.

Layout and design by Ren X.

Photography by Emily Ings.

Tracks 1 and 3 written by Ben Tallamy. Track 2 written by Tim Bland. Track 3 written by Laurence foster.

Tim bland - lead vocals on track 2, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, ebow.

Laurence Foster - lead vocals on track 4, backing on track 1, acoustic guitar, mandolin.

John Hedley - Keyboards, deharmonisers.

Ben Tallamy - Lead vocals tracks 1 and 3, Acoustic guitar, flute, mandolin.

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By your hand, I am spared:


by your hand i am spared cover

As a follow up to their first EP, Catherine and the owl recorded 'By Your Hand, I Am Spared' in the summer months of 2010.

'By your hand I am spared' is available from all good digital retailers. Click the button below to visit the itunes store.



Track listing:

1. Inro

2. Loose lips, sink ships

3. Bergundi


All songs by Catherine and the owl.

Recorded and produced by Joe Holroyd at Valvetastic studios.

Mastered by Music Pimp Machine.

Sleeve design and illustrations by Ben Tallamy.

Band photo by Emily Ings.

Tracks 1 and 3 written by Ben Tallamy.

Track 2 by Tim Bland.


Tanja Bartlett - Bass

Keith Landberger - drums

John Hedley - Keyboards, deharmonisers

Tim Bland - Electric guitar, Vocals on track 2

Ben Tallamy - Acoustic guitar, vocals on tracks 1 and 3

Ren Foster - Acoustic guitar, glockenspiel